mandag 20. desember 2010

Christmas cards from last year

I have not made any Christmas cards this year... I am so sorry! I wish we had 30 hours-days :) This year has been my knitting-year, with a new grandchild in the family, I want to knit her so many things :) And the other grandchildren need things they to, and me! :))) But I promise you that one day I will be back with new cards!

Last year I made some christmascards, but I forgot to put them in the blog. Shame on me! But here are some of them.

Are you finish with all the work to Christmas? Tomorrow I am going to wash the floors... I dont like that.... 
Have a nice day everyone, and happy washing :)


2 kommentarer:

  1. Hei - das sind wunderschöne Weihnachtskarten ! Am schönsten ist Klein - Sofie in zartem Gelb ! Sie hat sich prächtig entwickelt und lächelt süß ! Frohe Weihnachten Euch allen ! Unsere "Norweger" kommen nicht nach "Tyskland", aber die jüngste Tochter Elisabeth kommt morgen nach Hause über das Fest ! Renate

  2. Så skjønne julekort Desiree!!! Likte spesielt godt det lilla jeg ;)



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